Is it another knowledge management software? Another corporate social network? These are our most frequently heard questions when we pitch Solvace to IT-savvy managers.

It’s a natural reaction to connect the new with the known. But I guess it can be a barrier to entry for many entrepreneurs venturing into something truly innovative.

The other day we were prepping a pitch in Brussels, and tried to think about good analogies that could pinpoint Solvace on the mental map. Here is what we eventually used:

Think of your knowledge management software as one giant hard drive. Solvace is an application that automatically puts the information on that hard drive to good use. Same goes for your social network: wouldn’t it be dreadful that it’s just used to gossip around? Solvace gives a meaning and a purpose to your knowledge management and social network. We’re not a me-too of Yammer or SharePoint, in fact we are fully integrated with them.

“Actually,” said one of the guys in the meeting, “you’ve just torpedoed my first question.”

We nailed it that day.