Wherever possible, Solvace automatically pushes relevant information to you to help you solve your current Challenge. Relevant information we intelligently collect from Challenges solved all around your organization … and now also from the Web, through Contextual web searches.

Contextual web searches are very precise search queries about specific aspects of your challenge. They help you find exactly the information you need, when you need it, without spending time searching. In the illustration below, Solvace will look for information on cavitation, applied to the mechanical seals of a pump.


Set-up is easy: Enable “Selected node” at the top of the Asset panel, and then set Suggestions to “Web”.

From now on, every time a node is selected, Solvace will automatically launch a Contextual web search for the selected node, and display its results in the Asset panel. Click on a search result to open the page in a new browser tab. Click the ‘Insert’ link when hovering over a search result to store the link in the Document section of your Challenge.