Efficient Meetings

Efficiently prepare, run and follow-up meetings

Meetings take an important part of our professional daily lives, therefore having efficient meetings is of crucial importance. Here are some steps to gain back some of the time spent in meetings using Solvace.

1. Create a new challenge

Start a new challenge for the meeting you want to prepare, and add the meeting participants.


Pro Tip: If you have frequent meetings with the same team, it’s a good idea to create a Solvace community for the team, and organize all meetings from there. Recurrent meetings with fixed agendas can become standards in the community. This way, you won’t have to recreate challenges with the same structure over and over again.

2. Add preparatory documents and tasks

Add some tasks and documents so that everyone comes fully prepared to the meeting.

Pro Tip: Keep adding or updating tasks and documents during the meeting in order to reflect in realtime what has been said.

3. Communicate within Solvace

Meeting participants can ask questions, post ideas, and make proposals for additional topics.

Pro Tip: Give some guidelines to the participants in order to keep the discussion structured.

4. Meeting agenda is finalized

Before the meeting, prioritize the topics by dragging the nodes to put them in the best order.

Pro Tip: Recurrent meetings can have a “next meeting” section to draft the agenda of the next meeting.

5. Use Solvace to go through the meeting points

Make sure to use Solvace during your meeting. This way, the entire team will be aware of what is being discussed and what topics still need to be covered.

6. Align on next steps

At the end of the meeting, review the tasks together with the team using the Implement view, in order to remind everyone of his to-do’s after the meeting.

7. Follow up on assigned tasks

Solvace will fully take care of this step: it will send regular progress updates on all tasks, and it will automatically send reminders to meeting participants when their tasks are due.

Now you’ve learned how to run efficient meeting with Solvace. To know more about other ways to use Solvace, make sure to read the next article on onboarding new hires.