Solvace manages daily improvement opportunities
around Visual Management and Problem Solving

2. Manage

Manage your operations from anywhere with digital Visual Management

Digitize your meetings and run them live with your team

Solvace lets you easily digitize your whiteboard meetings without technical skills. Whether you start from company-defined templates, or design your own meeting board.

Solvace lets you run your meetings from anywhere: a touchscreen on your production line, a meeting room, or your laptop when working remotely. Everyone is on the same page, and meetings are more efficient.

Maintain the link between Continuous Improvement and actual operations performance

Fetch your Key Performance Indicators from your current systems (e.g. MES, ERP,…), and complement them with data that are usually not captured by any system.

Explain deviations, capture problems and assign actions to fix them. Meeting after meeting, see your performance improve as a result of your efforts.

Manage problems at the right level

Create meetings at any level of your organization and escalate problems when necessary. Keep track of everything and ensure that problems are tackled by the right people.

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