Today we are releasing a new feature to help you cope with complex structures.


Branch to a new challenge

There are two main reasons that made us build this feature.

First, a common situation: what started as a straightforward problem turns into an overwhelming structure with complex sub-problems. Sure, you can always zoom in on the part you want to focus on, but sometimes sub-problems become so big that they require their dedicated challenge.

Second, you want to collaborate with some people on a sub-set of your challenge, but don’t want them to access the rest of your analysis.

In these situations, you can carve out an entire branch of an existing challenge and create a new challenge out of it.

Let’s say that you are organizing a large Marketing event and you want to assign the communication aspects to a specific team.
Marketing conference


To do this, select the “Communicate” node that starts the branch you want to carve out, and then click on the selection wheel icon : 9.

From the selection wheel, select the new “branch” icon: Branch icon

This will display a pop-up to warn you that ALL underlying assets (nodes, documents, actions) will be definitely moved to a new challenge. This action is irreversible, so make sure this is what you want to do. In doubt, click Cancel and go through these assets to double check.

If you click on OK, a new challenge will be created and open in a new tab. This challenge will contain the moved items, and will inherit all the properties of its “mother challenge” (participants, context description, etc.).
So in our example, we would want to edit the participants to assign this challenge to a new team. Click on the Share button in the Challenge Title bar.

Note that when you select the root node of the new challenge, Solvace tells you that it has been branched from another challenge, and links to that challenge. Upward reference

In the mother challenge, you can see that the “Communicate” node has become inactive (you can no longer add sub-nodes), and an icon links to the branched challenge.
Grey node

We hope this new feature will help you in your daily use of Solvace!