We are excited to announce the introduction of two great features in Solvace: the A3 report, and the link with Smartsheet.


A3 report export

The A3 report, a key tool in the famous Toyota production system, summarizes the essential stages of a challenge on a page or a poster. The A3 is a great offline communication tool, promoting productive dialogue and providing the basis for reaching a shared understanding on a specific problem.

As of today, Solvace can instantly generate an A3 report from any challenge, in PDF format for easy printing or forwarding. You could for instance hang up a large printout of the A3 on a wall in a meeting room or corridor, in order to keep everyone aligned and promote the progress of the team.

Note that the term ‘A3’ refers to the common name of this template in the Lean terminology. You can print it in any size you like!

A3 screenshot EN 1

A3 screenshot EN 2


The A3 report export can be launched from the options menu in the challenge toolbar.




Actions created in Solvace can be exported to many third party applications, including Microsoft Excel and Google Calendar. As of today, we are extending the range of supported export formats to include Smartsheet. Smartsheet is a spreadsheet-like web application used by tens of thousands of organizations around the globe.

Smartsheet EN

A Smartsheet can be generated from the Implement view dropdown menu:

Smartsheet menu EN

The integration with Smartsheet comes in two flavors:

1. One-off export to Smartsheet

Available to everyone with read access to a challenge, this option creates a new Smartsheet with a snapshot of the challenge’s framework (colored in blue) and its actions (colored in green). Actions with several owners are printed on multiple rows for your convenience, in order to benefit from the resource management features in Smartsheet. No connection is maintained with the Smartsheet, meaning that further updates to the challenge are not reflected in the Smartsheet.


2. Two-way synchronized Solvace-Smartsheet

Available only to challenge owners, this option creates a new Smartsheet with the same looks as the one-off export, plus a connection to keep changes synchronized across Solvace and Smartsheet. Keeping Solvace and Smartsheet data synchronized is a complex task, therefore we share some principles to keep in mind when using this feature:

  • Solvace remains master of the data: actions can be updated from the Smartsheet, yet actions cannot be created or deleted from the Smartsheet.
  • Changes in Solvace are sent to Smartsheet (almost) instantly. Refresh the page to see the changes if the Smartsheet is already open. Good to know: only changes to actions trigger an update of the Smartsheet, whereas pure structure changes currently do not trigger an update of the Smartsheet.
  • Changes from Smartsheet are inserted in Solvace max 5 minutes after saving the Smartsheet. If an action is found on multiple Smartsheet rows (because it has multiple owners, or it is connected to multiple nodes), changes on the first occurrence of the attribute will be copied into Solvace. If an action updated in Smartsheet contains wrong data (let’s say someone entered a text string in a Date field), then the synchronization will fail silently for that action, and continue for the next action.


First use

Solvace will ask for your permission to access your Smartsheet account, in a popup that opens after requesting a Smartsheet. Keep an eye on your browser’s popup blocker, and explicitly allow the popup if needed.

consent EN