When you have a problem to solve and you want to do a root-cause analysis exercise, a tree structure is really helpful.

But you can do more than pure problem solving with Solvace. Solvace is all about structuring things, collaborating and sharing knowledge.
So let’s say you want to organize your thoughts and prepare a presentation to the senior management next week. You may need the input of some colleagues on the agenda, plan some actions on the logistics of the meeting, share some documents to support the presentation…

You can of course do all this via email. But if you want to keep everything in one place, you can use Solvace to do this. And it is now easier than ever with the Outline view. The Outline view functions like a table of contents, or a list of bullet points that you would write in an email or in a Word document. Except that in Solvace, for each line, you can add documents, actions, comments, etc.

The Outline view is accessible from the toolbar menu item on the Challenge page (see below). Clicking it again re-enables the tree view.

So, next time you have an activity or a question to structure, use Solvace and go through the following steps:

  1. Start a new challenge
  2. Select the Outline view
  3. Start with the main sections, then break them down
  4. Share the challenge with your colleagues
  5. Add documents, assign actions, and discuss on any part of your challenge