Onboarding New Hires


Welcome new joiners in your company

Provide the necessary guidance with great ease

When someone new joins the company, he or she needs to get to quickly know the company from the inside, complete a training track specific to the role, and get tons of practical things done…  To make sure nothing gets forgotten, and the new hire has the best onboarding experience possible, his manager must thoroughly know the process, and follow up intensively. With Solvace, all this gets a lot easier.

There are some steps to follow if you want to create a good template.

1. Create a standard

Most of the onboarding steps are specific for the role of the new hire, and therefore they can be reused. The HR department of the company can simply create & share some best practice templates for typical roles: an engineer, an executive, a sales profile and so on. These templates contain all the tasks & information the manager needs to get the new hire up to speed quickly.

Pro Tip: Create a new template for each type of job.

2. Use the standard

To use a template, hover the standard’s vignette and simply click on “Use as template”.  This will create a copy (called template) of the standard, that you as a manager can adapt as needed.

Pro Tip: Rename the challenges for each new employee. This will help you follow up on each new team member.

3. Follow up on actions

All stakeholders in the onboarding process will be notified that they have a task to complete. As a manager, you can track the progress of the new hire in real time.