Use Cases

Here are some examples of how Solvace will increase your and your company’s efficiency.

  1. Organize a project: A project can be anything, such as a marketing campaign, a product release, or a web page redesign. With many people involved, things can quickly turn into a mess. Solvace enables you to neatly organize communication, tasks and documents around a visual structure that keeps everyone focused on the end result.

2. Efficient Meetings: Meetings take an important part of our professional daily lives, therefore having efficient meetings is of crucial importance. Here are some steps to gain back some of the time spent in meetings using Solvace.

3. Onboarding New Hires: When there is a new member in the team, he needs to quickly know all about the company and complete a training specific to his role. But this takes time and energy. And to make sure nothing gets forgotten, his manager must thoroughly know the process, and follow up intensively. With Solvace, all this gets a lot easier.