A few weeks ago, we asked for user feedback on some potential features from our development roadmap. We are excited to announce some new features that will be deployed in the next days.

Here is what you can expect:

  • Keeping track of all your actions just got easier. We developed a new home page, that brings you one central point to organize all your tasks, from book a meeting room for the training’ to actions coming from Problem Solving Sessions.
  • Link with Google Calendar. Actions assigned to you in Solvace will now appear directly in your Google Calendar, on the day of the action’s due date. All in real-time.
  • A new way to visualize structural information: the outline view. Any tree structure can be displayed like a bulleted list, and vice versa. If you have a lot of information to organize, then you will surely like the outline view.

Other features will follow soon, including suggestions from the web, and assisted translation of challenges.


Stay tuned for more changes – you will see many improvements as you log into Solvace over the next months. We will focus on making Solvace your tool of choice to capture and organize all your Continuous Improvement efforts, from large complex problems down to everyday’s challenges.

We love to hear feedback, so if you have anything to share with us or any feature you would like to have, send us an email at “info (at) solvace.com” or create a feature request ticket via the Solvace Helpdesk (accessible through the Help menu from the application).

Many thanks!