Most people create Challenges in their native language. To accelerate the spread of knowledge around your organization, we are excited to announce the Translation process as a great tool to make your Challenge available in other languages used in your organization.

Let’s assume you worked on a Challenge in French, and would like to translate the challenge into English.

First, click the dropdown menu with the name of your current framework, and select the “Translate challenge” item:


Translating a Challenge creates a fresh copy of that Challenge, and leaves the original Challenge untouched:


In the copy of your Challenge, all text strings are highlighted and prefixed with an underscore symbol (“_”), to indicate that they need translation:


The translation panel sits at the bottom of your screen (1), with a suggested translation. You can further edit the suggested translation before submitting it. On the right part of this panel, you can select the destination language for your translations (2).

Important: to get automatic translations, the text string from the source element has to start with an underscore (“_”) symbol.

Click “OK” to submit the translation, which replaces the text of the selected item and revert its color to the usual color for that type of element.

All items in your Challenge can be translated: nodes, documents, actions, as well as comments. A challenge can be translated by anyone who has read&write rights, not only by its owner(s).

To leave the translation mode, click the close icon on the panel or select the toggle in the following menu: