Video tutorials

Why Solvace?

1. A new way to manage knowledge

Solvace captures knowledge and experience as people work, and suggests it back to anyone facing a similar situation later on.

2. Multi-sites collaborations

Solvace is the perfect tool to collaborate on a structured challenge from multiple locations

3. How to Manage All Your Actions

Solvace allows you to maintain a transversal view on all your actions. Understand how in 2 minutes.

4. Structuring projects

Organize communication, tasks and documents around a visual structure that keeps everyone focused on the end result

5. Invite externals

Get experts, suppliers or clients involved on your challenges

Using Solvace

1. First Steps in Solvace

In this video, we’ll walk you through the application. You will get to know its main features and understand their purpose.

2. Structuring a Challenge Using The Analysis View

This video focuses on the Analyze view, which allows to structure your problem, collaborate and identify solutions.

3. Following the action plan

The Implementation view shows a consolidated view on all actions of a chalenge

4. Closing a challenge

When you are done with a challenge, close it so that others can fully benefit from it

5. Translating challenges

Solve the problem of language to fully benefit from knowledge sharing

6. How to use communities

Create communities of users to gather colleagues sharing common challenges

7. Usage statistics

Know more about the problem solving activity in your company

8. External integrations

See how Solvace integrates with Google and Smartsheet