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Solvace, the smart way to address every business challenge and accelerate your company's progression

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Focus on the right things

Simplify a challenge by breaking it down into smaller components. Focus on what matters most. Manage priorities and work with the end result in mind.

Know what your company knows

Don’t reproduce past mistakes: know what works and what doesn’t. Solvace points you to the information you need, when you need it.

Remove bureaucracy

Reduce time spent following up each others’ tasks, aligning, consolidating information, reporting… Spend time on the interesting stuff!

How does it work?

Solvace couples business productivity tools with machine learning.

Together, they help you take on any challenge more easily, more efficiently, and without reinventing the wheel.

Product Benefits

The right combination of productivity tools to tackle any business challenge

These tools build upon best practices in mind mapping, project management, collaboration and knowledge management.

Know what the entire company knows

Through machine learning, Solvace connects the dots between the challenges you’re facing and the accumulated knowledge of the entire company. This way, you won’t repeat past mistakes or lose time finding your way. And every time someone solves a challenge with Solvace, it makes the company smarter.

“If only HP knew what HP knows, we would be 3 times more productive”.

Lew Platt

Former CEO, Hewlett Packard

… well, Lew, we heard you.

Use case example: Operational Excellence in manufacturing at SOLVAY

Boosting Continuous Improvement processes

Solvace helps innovative companies like SOLVAY increase equipment reliability and decrease costs by improving problem solving efficiency and connecting the dots between related problems.

Every problem solved with Solvace makes the company smarter and more efficient.

How can Solvace help you?


Solvace is used in various industries. We have summarized our capabilities for a few popular application areas.







  • Increase Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • Identify drivers to reduce costs
  • Improve maintenance operations: frequency of preventive and predictive interventions, process improvements, etc.
  • Investigate HSE incidents






  • Discover the root causes for a recent increase in customer complaints for a product
  • Identify the reasons for a production server crash, and actions to avoid re-occurrence
  • Organize deployment activities for a new software release







  • Organize the next product launch with your team, clients and suppliers
  • Use a previous marketing brief structure as template for your new project
  • Monitor the progress of all current initiatives within your marketing department
  • Easily find answers to questions like “how can we target segment X in a cost-effective way?”







  • A structured approach, without time wasted reinventing the wheel
  • A much smoother communication between client and team, during and after each project
  • No knowledge loss when a consultant leaves the company